Getting Website Traffic For Free is Not That Hard

Regardless of how good your website is, how good your sales copy is, how good or attractive your product is, unless you generate traffic you will never make money online. This article is going to cover some ways for you to drive traffic to your website for free.

Some say the money is in the list. Well, that may be true, but the real money is in driving traffic to your website. This article is going to give you some tips and tricks you can use to get free website traffic.

Most people when starting out don’t have the extra cash needed to pay someone to get them traffic. So, you must be willing to learn and put in some effort in understanding what you need to do to get traffic for free. Be prepared because it will take work and you will need to commit to it at the beginning. Once you have mastered the techniques, you can start to ease off some as many of the techniques will start to work on auto-pilot for you.

Being able to get website traffic for free will take a little time to build up. Without question, paying for traffic will get you instant results, but it is very important you learn how to get traffic for free. Believe me, it is a great feeling when you get tons of traffic to your site, and you know you haven’t paid a penny for it!

The first place you should look at to get traffic for free is in forums. Depending on what you are selling, or what your website is offering I guarantee you there is a forum on the subject somewhere. Search out and find those forums using the search engines. Check them out, see what people are writing about or commenting on. Join forums and answer people’s questions or simply reply to comments they make in the forum. You will soon brand yourself as an expert in your field and gain a good reputation. Once you are recognized as an expert, you can then start adding your signature to all your comments.

The amount of traffic you get from this will astonish you trust me. The major benefit is that the traffic visiting your site will be highly targeted and much more likely to either optin to your newsletter, or indeed purchase your product.

Set up your own squeeze page or capture page and offer a newsletter full of content on your niche or subject. It is advisable to send all your traffic to your squeeze page and build your own mailing list. When people optin, give them high quality content. Make it enjoyable to read and many of your subscribers will then begin to tell their friends about you. This itself will bring you more free traffic.

Contact other website owners that have similar products to what you are selling. Ask them if they are interested in swapping or trading links. Most webmasters realize the importance of this and most will agree providing you are not selling the same product of course. Exchanging links will help to increase your search engine rankings which will in time bring you more free traffic.

Writing articles of course will bring you a lot of traffic over time. The most important thing is your articles need to be original and full of quality content giving the reader exactly the information they are looking for. It will take time but with high quality articles and good content the traffic will come.

You will need to write up as many articles as possible over a short period of time. The more the better basically. It is free to also submit these articles. The Internet is full of places where you can submit your article without charge. One small tip here is to make sure you do not submit the same article to all of the directories as this will be classified as duplicate content and have a negative effect on your search engine raking. Simply change the article around and make it more than 30% different and then submit it to another directory.

Set up your own Blog and provide good quality content on it. You can get a free Blog from http://www.wordpress.along with many other places you can get a Blog for free. Providing good content works in two ways. It helps to get your site ranked high on search engines, and because most of your free traffic will come from there, it is important to get your sites ranked high. Secondly, providing good content helps to build and brand you as an expert. People then recommend your site to others bringing you more traffic of course.

Using the above techniques and spending a little time putting everything in place will help you to start getting targeted traffic to your websites for free. There are other techniques of course but for nowArticle Search, use these in this article to at least get started.

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